Simpsons Beach

Renovating a house within a short timeframe can be challenging, add to that the home owner was based in the UK and the co-ordinator, bill payer, administrator and interior designer and NZ decision maker was based in Hamilton and had other full time commitments, this project was looking for problems.

Nick Gill and his team at Cove Construction were clear and informative with all suggestions, questions and answers; nothing was too much to ask. Decisions and changes were a team effort, ensuring both quality and clients expectations were delivered.

Telecommunication was outstanding, requiring only 4 site visits from Hamilton. Cove Constructions team where always available for co-ordination of product delivery etc and went beyond the scope of the job.

Cove’s communication with the local subcontractors was outstanding and ensured that we all knew what was expected from each other.
Their attention to detail delivered a product that exceeded all expectations, on a very tight timeframe and much to the owners delight.

Would happily do it all again.