2 Halligan Road Whitianga

We recently undertook a renovation project of our little piece of paradise in Whitianga. We wanted a builder who would understand the sentiment required for a build of this nature and treat the project as if it was their own home.

Nick from Cove Construction was able to marry the old house and the new addition so well that the result is a seamless transition, thus fulfilling our expectations.

He not only directed his building team well, but kept the associated trades integrated and up to date with the well planned construction schedule. Logistically the project was managed very well.

Any addition undertaken brings extra challenges and unforeseen problems. As soon as these arose we would discuss them and arrive at an amicably agreed solution so as to not interfere with the building progress.

Detailing was to play an important part in the overall concept required. Nick was very receptive to working along side us through the requests for specific detail and it has certainly made the difference.

After possession date which was 4 days before Christmas and after a well deserved break for him and his team, Nick continued to keep in touch to ensure that everything was in good working order and as we wanted it to be after living in the home for a couple of weeks. This was extremely comforting.

We have no hesitation in recommending Nick from Cove to any of our contacts. If we were to approach another project we would most certainly use Nick again.